EAR 834P Impedance?

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What impedance does an MC see when I use the MC input on my EAR 834P? It uses tranformers in that setting, so is it something other than 47K? Does anyone know of a way to change the loading?

I believe it's 100 ohms at MC position and 47k ohms at MM position. In regards to adjusting, isn't user friendly for adjustments. Contact Mitch Hagerman as he would be the best to answer your questions about the 834-p.
It's 515 ohms in the MC position......

.......a decision made by the designer in order to tame high frequency resonances in MC carts. Unfortunately I discovered it really compromises the performance of the Koetsu and Linn cartridges that I use.

I mainly use a Koetsu Black, which like all the Koetsus performs best seeing 10 ohms. The transformer boosts the signal by 10 and decreases the impedence by the same ratio, so I installed high quality 100 ohm Rikken resistors. The result compared to the stock resistors producing 515 ohms was a much tighter bass, a less recessed midrange and a much smoother and melodic top end.

Unfortunately this isn't something you can change with the flick of a switch. I had to unsolder the existing resistors and replace them. At the same time I replaced six of the stock capacitors with massive Hovland Musicaps.

The design of the EAR has so much potential, but it's built to a price point. You can make it a cost-no-object design and unleash the true potential of this phonostage by replacing the stock components with high-quality alternatives.

You can go as far as your wallet will allow. You can replace every resistor and capacitor in the EAR virtually creating a new phonostage with the same schematic. Do a search on this website and Audio Asylum to see what Thorsten, a British user has done to his 834P. It bears little resemblance to the original.

But even my small mods have increased the performance radically. I have also replaced the stock Russian tubes with
vintage Telefunken tubes. A huge improvement right there.

So if you are handy with a soldering iron do your own mods. If not, do as the previous poster suggested and contact Mitch at EAR USA. He will happily hot rod your EAR at a reasonable price.

Have fun,

Thanks for the tips guys.

Mark, I'm having the opposite issue with the 834's impedance; I think. I am experiencing a very good, but too "wet" sound. The highs, particularly lower highs sound too polite, blunted. The sound is begging for a little more openness and deliniation; experience points me in the direction of much higher cartridge loading, 47K? I am handy with a soldering iron, and am intrigued by the mods. BTW, the only tube rolling that I have done so far is replacing the front stock tube with a NOS Amperex (Holland) 12au7, with mixed results. Yes, a more refined sound, particularly in the highs, but the unit lost a bit of it's dynamic thrust. It's a little polite now; not a reasonable compromise in my book. I will keep experimenting. Let me explain what I am experiencing this way: I recently bought some Nordost Red Dawn IC's to try either between my CDP and pre, or phono stage and pre; frankly, I hated them. Very detailed, not really harsh, but WAY too lean. Not so surprisingly, they work reasonably well between the EAR and pre. Tightened things up quite a bit. Still not quite right, but closer to correct tonal balance.

Happy Holidays.
As far as mods go I will have to echo what Mark has already stated. I had my 834p modified by Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. His mods have taken it to a completely new level. Top that off with some NOS Mullards and your off to the races. Best and enjoy. Gary