EAR 834P help

Any advice on EAR 834P phono preamp as to what people are using to connect to the linestage.

I have already upgraded the caps as many people have done with Mitch Singerman.

It already sounds good but am curious what other RCA Interconnect cable people are currently enjoying or have previously liked. I am currently using an anti-cable and sounds good but am keen to hear what other cables others have used with a solid state linestage. My linestage is dartzeel

With the EAR 834p (Music Hall 7/Lyra Argo i) I use Harmonic Technology Silver Phono cable with their locking RCAs and I am very happy with the results. Smooth and neutral which is how I like it.
I used AQ Cheetah with 24VDC DBS between the 834p and passive preamp with very good results but IME, one would wring greater ROI from tube rolling paying particular attention to V2.

Also, the 834P responds very well to power cord upgrades...

what power cord do you like Nmmusicman?

I am using an Audience Powerchord E but have also used a simple Shunyata Venom 3 with good results.
In my system, the power cable that provided the best synergistic match, firmed up the bottom end and solidified the soundstage was a PS Audio Lab ll cable.

Also, a NOS Mullard CV4004 in V2 with a tube damper ring is highly recommended and might be all you need but it pays to tube roll in V1 and V3 as well.

I liked 1/2m of Nordost Red Dawn for it's detail, speed,and overall "tightening" effect; very little grundge in the sound. My EAR with the Singerman mods, was beautiful sounding and not lean, so it could benefit from the Nordost's character. This, in the context of an overall, very full sounding system (tube amps). I know some feel the Nordost is too lean sounding, but in my system, it was just right. It fed either a passive, or a tube pre.
Sorry: I use HT Prosilway 2s between the 834p and the pre amp. This set up is warm and full range with smooth mids, no grain.