EAR 834 vs. Monolithic with HC power supply

Want to know if anyone has heard both of these units? If I went with the EAR, I would probably roll 5751 tubes into it as I understand that it takes a 12AX7. But with Monolithic I could upgrade with Modification. I run Well Tempered table with Benz high output MC, passive preamp, McCormick amp, and Maggie speakers.


The EAR absolutely crushes the Monolitic. I'vee owned both and there really is no comparison.
EAR. Even without modifications it is in different league, and if you modify it (nothing difficult, anyone can do it!) it will be VERY hard to beat at any price.
I've own the Monolithic and the EAR and the first guy is right the monolithic is not in the same country as the EAR 834
Upgrading the passive components in the EAR provides a very large improvement. The stock parts are not remarkable.