EAR 834 owners-help with a few basics

Just recieved an 834 in the mail.Unfortunately came without box and manual.Just wondering about the basics.1) See a list for 8 EL34 tubes but no driver tubes.Are these it? 2)Wondering how to get tube cage off in case of replacement.
Does the amp need to be biased or is it auto biasing 3)see a phono section listed as opposed to simply an Aux input for table.These guys (Tim P. actually) are well known for their phono pre's.Is one built in?.I got a very good deal on the piece and it seems to have arrived intact.Just wondering what I've got.
Thanks for any and all help
Feel like a dope putting up Q's in main post.After looking at ear-yoshino site I know now that I couldn't see them but of course tucked away in that cage are driver tubes 2 ECC83's and the harder to find EEC85.Plus they state 6 line inputs so I need an external step up.But anybody who knows how to get cage off and whether it is self biasing this would be of great help.If anybody can photo copy a manual I'd be mighty appreciative and paypal/send a check to cover costs.
The tube cages have to be removed from the inside after removing the bottom chasis plate. You will see three pairs of screws on the bottom of each of the two outter circuit board. Unscrew ONLY THE MIDDLE PAIR!!! (These screws have retainers and spacers, so it may not look like they are backing off, but the tube cages wil start to come up and off of the top of the chasis.) The tube cages are tapped for these machined screws so that you will have to replace the cages after you roll or replace tubes, as these middle screws run all the way through the ciruit board, and need to be anchored to the tube cages to provide stability to the circuit boards! One of the EAR 834 weaknesses, in my opinion! What I did, was to use hex nuts and tighten them down on the exposed ends of the middle screws, so the tube cages are not part of the anchoring system, and are removed from the system (easy to roll tubes, and looks better without the cages, in my opinion.) To use the tube cages with this set-up, a little Blue Tack on the corners and middle of the cage bases will anchor them fairly well to the top plate, and have the added benefit of damping cage vibations, which would be transmitted directly to the circuit boards, as would happen in the original factory set-up! Yes, this integated is self-biasing. And you can also try 6L6's for output tubes instead of the EL34's. Contact me if you need any more info, and for a copy of the manual (I can fax it, if you have a fax!)