EAR 834 Integrated tube help needed


Its a long story but I am trying out a EAR 834 integrated tube amp and upon arrival I am having a problem where the left channel is working but the right channel is not on the EAR 834 Tube Integrated.

I checked the speaker, cd player, interconnect cables, and speaker cables and they all work fine.

I then thought I would try swapping the preamp tubes from left to right. However, I dumbly pulled out the tubes not remembering whether the ECC83 or the ECC85 preamp tubes go in the back sockets or the front? I mistakenly thought they were all the same tubes. Anyway, Can someone tell me the respective position of the preamp tubes for this amp.


You might want to try calling the US distributor. It's EAR USA and the gentleman's name is Dan Meinwald. Hope that helps.
Just south of you, Jay Kaufman at Audio Revelations in SD
is a dealer and expert on things EAR. If he doesn't know it off the top of his head, he can proably look it up for you.
I did speak to Dan and he straightened me out. I had it right but I was not sure and wanted to be safe. thanks


"... I had it right but ....wanted to be safe" Wise.

BTW, How did you finally resolve the right channel problem?
Yes since an ECC85 is a 6AQ8 and an ECC83 is a 12AX7 that would not be good..Happy to help Radio.