Ear 834 integrated tube amp good match tekton lore


I bought secondhand here and receiving soon the highly efficient Tekton lLore speakers.

Will my Ear 834 50 watt integrated tube amp be a good match for the tekton lore in a medium size room for a second system to hear digital at first and then eventually move in my second Turntable?

I would ideally want to also have a set amp for some types of
Music but don't want to buy one now.

I had been using the Ear with Spendor speakers and sounded great as
long as the material did not require too much bass or too rock n roll.


Yes. Wait until you get the speakers attached to the EAR amp see how this combo sounds to you.

I have used my Manley Stingray EL84 @ 36 watts / 18 watts with the Lores and I think it's a good combo. Different than my 2A3 SET but not better or worse. Depends on my mood and what I'm listening to.
Set up tekton Speakers today and sounds wonderful across the sonic spectrum.

I am gonna get some herbie footers over my generic ones but sound excellent with my big silver oval cables.

The bass is great best yet with the Ear 834. One day will add
a Set Amp but for now gotta say Tekton Lore is a steal for 1k in a moderate sized room