EAR 834 and Shelter 501

Does anyone know from first hand knowlege as to whether the low output of this cartridge will be compatible with the 834 without alot of tube rush etc? I understand 70db gain is possible, but is that realistic without a step up tranny and still attaining good sound?

The 501 isn't really all that low output. I assume you refer to the MC version of the 834. I have both pieces, and used to hook the 834P direct to my amps using the 834P alps pot with somewhat ineffecient speakers and had no problems at all. If you are not referring to the MC version of the 834P, then you will probably have a problem even with a linestage. But for a $100 you could get the Lundahl stepup transformers.
You only need about 80db total front-end gain with the 501. That includes the gain from your linestage. So, if your linestage has about 15db gain, then you only need 65db from your phono stage. Having the gain up front will keep it as quiet as possible.
FWIW - I recently bought an EAR834P to use with my Lyra Mono Helikon. The Mono Helikon has an output of a mere 0.25mv. The 834P provides plenty of gain - very happy with it.