Ear 509 mk2 opinion

I am just wondering has anyone experience this mono power amp. How does it compare to its similar price range. Does it give me the tube sound. It seem to be very difficult to find the information about this amp. I am choosing it between Audion golden knight(300b single end. My speaker is Zingali S2(91db). with Classe source.
Ps.. This is my first valve gear so my expect the sound somthing different from solid state.
I haven't heard the 509 with Zingali, but have heard a pair of old 519 driving one of the bigger (model?) Zingalis. I liked the upper end extension & bass control. The "open-ness" & sense of space usually found in Zingali was there, too. Cabling used was Siltech silver something.
Difficult to compare to the Audion: I heard that driving a pair of Lowther-loaded speakers. I found the upper register slightly lacking -- but that could have been due to cable, speaker, etc...
I would *expect* the 300b to provide a more realistic mid-range on acoustic instruments & voice, while the Ear would possibly resolve difficult passages with more ease -- but that's conjecture.
Tube sound? I loved "tube sound" when I first got into this hobby about twenty years ago. Tubed products produced now have less of the "tube sound" that many used to find very attractive. The classic sound is very engaging but wears out its welcome over time. If you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy it and have it wear out its welcome, I don't want to be the one to stop you. Lush, exaggerated sound is wonderful for a while, maybe you want that.

I own a pair of 509s. The 509 Mk II's don't have a tube sound and are not a lush exaggerated sound. They are clear, clean and fast with tremendous bass, for any amplifier. Tube sound used to mean "beautiful" in a colored way, that's not the 509's. You may be disappointed if you want rose colored glasses. The 509's are certainly powerful enough for your application.

If you're looking for a typical tube sound, you should probably look elsewhere.
do you think a wadia straight into the amp [in balanced connection] would be good.im looking for detail and transparecy here