eAR 202/501-Would like to hear from owners

Thinking about buying Acoustic Reality 202 or 501 amps. Would like to talk with anyone who has purchased either one of these amps. Concerned mostly with performance. THANKS!!!
I'm lookin' over your shoulder, also seeking opinions on those same two amps. I have ML Aerius speakers. Peter Thomsen, of Acoustic Reality, responded to an email inquiry, and advised me to get the 501 monoblocks, stating "the eAR 202 is not recommended for impedances lower than 3 ohm". A lot depends on your speakers.
2 weeks ago I purchased the eAR 1001 mono's and they have come around nicely. Comparing to my Sunfire Signature 2 channel amp, driving my Amazing Carver Loudspeakers is not the problem I thought it could be. It also improved virtually all areas of sound.
i have a pair of eAR monoblocks the mkII version which drive watt puppies. i had previously used spectral gear. my front end is boulder 1012 and ayre dx-1. to my ears this is extremely resolving, accurate with a very musical presentation. power and bass are more than enough for me. channel separation is scary at times. i think the amps are a step above any i've used previously.
Anyone has compared ear202 vs bel canto s300 ??