Eagles "Hotel California" reissue on Elektra 180g

I just purchased a new copy of "Hotel California." Everything sounds great except of inner-most 1-2 tracks. My turntable seems incapable of reproducing the songs on the inner tracks without significant distortion. Is this record particularly difficult to track, or is there something very wrong with my turntable setup? Most other records sound great.
Have you re-verified your cartridge alignment?
Yes, several times. I'm using the Technics protractor from vinylengine.com
Ask for another one,you may have got a bad pressing. Does it say it was mastered from the original master? If you get another one and it does it again,it's a bad pressing and get a full refund.
Yes, it's masterd from the original master tapes. I've tried two copies of the LP (first one had a clear defect on Track 1), and they both sound distorted on the inner tracks...
Bad pressing,demand a full refund. For what it's worth Hotel California on Mobile Fidelity is one of the best they made imo. Look around on Ebay or Amazon for one. The records that are being made today are mostly bad.