Eagle LIVE From the Forum vynil box set

Anyone listen to this box set? It’s $99 , Is it worth the price? It’s made in EU. I wonder how good is the recording? Thanks 
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Roxy54 I meant EAGLES.
Roxy54 I meant EAGLES.
I haven't listened to the vinyl version yet, I believe it was just released today. I did listen to a digital version on Amazon prime. It sounded like a very well recorded album. Contains all the Eagles greatest hits and popular songs. It features Glenn Frey's son as part of the band since his father has passed. He sings and sounds just like his father. I do have a few other different "live" Eagles albums. I don't think I am going to purchase this set because there isn't really that much music difference from the other live versions that I own. It is a nice album though and I would recommend it. Hope this helps.
Thanks it’s 4 album too
Yes it is, four albums, 33 tracks, box set.