EAD Ultradisc Repair Help

My Ultradisc 2000 sounds great, but hiccups on some CDs. Seems to be the ones that sit on 00:00 between cuts. It cuts off the first beat of the next cut it plays. This is accompainied by a click on the machine (not through the speakers). If it's an HDCD disc the indicators lights blink off and back on between cuts. Oddly, it won't play the "right only" tracks on both the XLO and Stereophile test CDs. I've had the laser pickup replaced by someone in Kansas City (I'm in California) and it didn't fix the problem. I'm hoping someone out there can recommend a repair facility that can sort this out for me. Thanks for you help!
You may want to get a hold of Frank at Boelen Electronics. They are in Iowa. This is the old EAD facilty and they do repairs on older EAD equipment. He may help you out or lead you in the right direction. I'd contact him first here is his Boelen Electronics email contact. [email protected]

Good Luck
Alpha Digital Tech now owns EAD, the same folks that own Tara Labs. They can repair the Ultra Disc. The Ultra uses a Pioneer Stable Platter transport.
I want to thank Jimmyrod and Rwwear for their responses. I've been very busy and had time to read your suggestions but not much time to respond. I do appreciate your help and as soon as I can I'm going to contact these guys and see if they can help me figure out what's going on with my CD player.