EAD ULTRADISC 2000 /any good?

Hello: any experience with the ead ultradisc 2000?,what is the sonic signature,thanks to all for the help,Al
It was the CD player of choice in a continuing article by The Absolute Sound.
I owned this piece for over two years.I sold to downsize my system. Note that apparently the transport is no longer being made (or supplied to EAD), according to a report I read in the Absolute Sound, which is why John Marks is now using a different player in the system he writes about. I think the player is very hard to beat. It has a solidity and wholeness to the sound that grows on you - it is not spectacular in a quick audition. Partly, I think, because the output level (2 volts) while standard, is low compared to some players, and partly because the noise level is so low that there's no edgy sound. Some have said it sounds too mellow. But I've played some rotten, grainy recording on the player and the sound was not mellow. It basically gave you what's on the disc. The build quality is great. You should be able to find one used for $1200 or so. In a crowded market for CD players, it's pretty good value at that price. I'm now using cheap DVD player plus monarchy DIP plus AA DDE 1.1 which sounds pretty good, too. Just cheaper.
Yes this was TAS's favorite one-box machine. I've had the U2000 for just over a year; it's detailed, yet so smooth & easy-listening even with a stock power cord. Even better with a JPS Digital AC or Custom Power Top Gun. I got mine just as they were phasing out the model (EAD sellout to home theater, so they could stay in business, is what they told me). The player even improves harsher-sounding CD's. I 'second' everything above per Mr. Tacs; this is a great player. It doesn't blow you away with a super-fi signature, very smooth & easy-listening. HDCD's really make it sing beautifully. Good value even at new price; great value at used price. It made mincemeat of the Arcam Alpha 9 (which a lot of people liked on AudioReview). One clue was that a large handful of U2000's were in use at the Chicago Stereophile show in May '99. Figure that if the vendor's liked it enough to demo with their own gear, that tells you something even if you never heard one. Jump on it if you find a good deal - no regrets here!