EAD Ultra 2000 Cd Player


Do any of you fellow audiogon members known if ead made
The Ultra 2000 cd player in two different Silvers
One With matches with Jeff rowland products and the other
just regular Silver. I purchased the Utra 2000 about
three months ago But It does not match with my rowland
amp and Preamp. If that is the case could i Purchase
a Face plate from ead.

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I know they had 2 different blacks the first version was more of a flat black where the other had a primative attempt at the more current style. I own all ead front end products , the ultra disc 2000, the new dvd master pro 8000, and the new pro 8000 pre/pro all great stuff if you look on John marks' web site www.jmrcds.com I beleive that you will see the unit that you were hoping for under recommended components. As I am sure you know ead was bought out by alpha digital technologies/tara labs however to my knowledge some of the original people from ead still modify the older stuff under the name boegen electronics or something like that they may be able to upgrade your piece the more contemporary face plate came on the revised 2000 , check to see if there is much more to the upgrade than cosmetics it may be worth your while mine is the second generation and I am very pleased with the sonics. BTW while you are looking on John Marks' web site order a couple of cds besides being a great guy his cds are wonderful both in content and the recordings are marvelous . Good listening
Yes there were at least 2 different silver faces for the U2000, a brushed-aluminum original face & later a "Rowland" microbuffed face. There possibly may have also been a v-cut face toward the end of the run; I thought there was anyway.
One thing about the unit that you currently have up for sale is that it's not just the face that was upgraded, they also made some changes internally that made this great player sound even better. Perhaps the factory would be able to perform an internal retrofit-upgrade of your older player; you could always ask? Possibly they'd also have some leftover "new" faceplates. I don't know if the older units can be upgraded by an aftermarket shop such as Boelen Electronics back in Iowa where EAD originated.
The # is 641-469-5092; repairs are "option 4" on the autoattendant.