Does anyone know for sure if an (EAD) Enlightened Audio Designs T-7000 Transport will recognize and play CD-R’s that have been backed up and copied from a factory CD?

If so is there any difference in using 74 minute CD-R’s to the newer 80 minute format?

Also did the EAD T-7000 transport have a hold down screw that locked the transport for shipping? The screw is likely in the bottom or back of the transport itself.

Please email me offline instead of the thread if possible if any owners or former users of this transport know the answer to either question.
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Greetings from Brisbane, Australia !!!

I own a T-1000 that has no difficulty playing back burnt CD's, so I can only assume that the 7000 should be able to do the same.

The T-1000 doesn't recognise re-writable discs though.

It makes no difference using the 74 or 80 min discs.

Hope this assists even though it doesn't specifically relate to the T-7000.