EAD support with old products

I need to change my EAD 7000 D/A processor from 220V to 110V. Any suggestions?
Audiogon Member "Bob_Bundus" has some contact numbers for the EAD guys. Email him and I'm sure he'll give you a hand.
Very simple: sell EAD700 with 220V on ebay and buy 110V here or on ebay.
Km here's the latest info that I have: I think that Boelen Electronics is the contact you need for this job.

EAD was acquired by Alpha Digital Technologies, somehow associated with Tara Labs.
Their Ashland Oregon # is 541-488-5209.

For DAC board repairs refer to Boelen Electronics back in Iowa where EAD originated.
The # is 641-469-5092 & Greg Palma is the man you want there.

For Pioneer CD mechanism repairs refer to Dando Electronics in Kansas City, MO.
(816) 361-6733 which will be more cost effective.
That info is good.I`have e-mail EAD about my EAD player,to get repairs for my romote control for my EAD cd1000 with no help.anyone selling one.FF&FREV does not work.