EAD Signature,Proceed AVP or Lexicon MC1

Can someone helps me to pick out which one is the best for my home theater and music. I couldn't make up my mind of that 3. And I all ready have Proceed HPA2 and HPA3 to go with B&W 803 Na. thanks a lot and have a nice day....
If 2 channel is important you can rule out the Lex as it is the weak link.It shines for HT but not for 2 channel.The EAD is the winner for 2 channel followed by the Proceed.For HT both units are about equal.
Just a counterpoint on the lex. I chose it over these two for a few reasons. The two channel is more than adequate, the upgrade policy and practice is superior, and the digital flexibility is outstanding. They are all good products, but I can tell you the lex has been great. I have been genuinely surprised how the various 5/7 ch digital have given new life to some very old cd's for me.
even though i own a proceed avp along withn an hpa 2 and an amp 5 i recommend you find a processor with a 6-channel analogue pass-thru. i like my avp but am frustrated that the future appears to be new formats will be output from sources in analogue. i am not familiar with many of the current choices but this feature should be a requirement; for all i know the ead and lex may have this feature.

hope this helps

mike lavigne
I have an AVP, BPA3, ML334...driving Martin Logans... originally I purchased the AVP struggling with the same question you pose...and agree with the first post about the Lexicon...I've never heard the EAD...I'm going to audition the Classe SSP75 this week...it's gotten rave reviews from Stereophile, and a local Martin Logan dealer hanndles it...interesting to see how it works with the proceed/levinson stuff
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EAD is by far the superior product both in build quality and sonics, and best of all they finally got a user friendly
remote. Set-up is a breeze and it has plenty of inputs.
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Keep in mind that the EAD Signature has no integrated video switching so you should include this cost in your comparison to the AVP and MC1(EAD Switch Master, Crestron, AMX are video options). The EAD Encore and Ovation/Plus include video switching. Good luck!
EAD just announced upgrades to their Theatermaster series. The new Signature will include video switching plus offer eight channels of audio output with SACD and DVD Audio signal pass-through. They start shipping at the end of April. You can read all about it at: www.eadusers.cjb.net in the forum section. All the upgrades and prices are spelled out by EAD.
I have the Ovation Plus and I'm still amazed by the sound that is produced. Great products. Good luck.
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I have the lex DC-1 and the Bat vk200 running ML aerius i up front. I can't comment on the other 2 products. But the DC-1 is great for HT(you can literally get lost in the tweaks and I'm sure the MC-1 is great). As far as 2 channel goes, when I owned a bryston 3bst up front it was pretty good, but nothing to die for. Now I have replaced it w/the bat vk200 and it is pretty awesome. Though I will be adding a bat 3i preamp in the future for the ultimate 2 channel/HT setup. The bat has the pass thru. So I guess it's up to you on what you want to do. You may have to give up alittle more $$$ to get the best of both worlds. I haven't heard the MC1 yet, but I've heard rumors its better on music/ht, than the former DC1 and DC2. For HT, lex has always been a sure thing. Good luck.