EAD prepro: how's the analog passthru?

Yes, I know EAD proper has bit the dust, but I'll be receiving my upgraded Sig8 from Boelen soon. I was looking for opinions from other EAD owners about the quality of the analog passthru.

I was planning on running the LF / RF outs of the EAD into my 2 channel preamp, but my preamp does not have either a HT bypass or a detented volume control, so keeping it at the right volume for HT use will be tough. So I figured what if I took the preamp outs and ran it into the 2 channel analog bypass input to the EAD? At 0 dB attenuation (effectively no volume reduction by the EAD) I'm wondering how much this might color the sound from my preamp?
I have the 8800 non-pro and think it sounds very good. The only way to tell for sure is to play music. I think you will be happy.

Thanks Tim. I certainly will try it, but I'm waiting on some stuff before I can. So I figured in the meantime to ask here. Would you say it adds no coloration to your 2 channel signal path?
What's the website for EAD repairs and upgrades?
Here it is.

Thanks Jjtoma.

A little bit off subject, but I own a 8800 and am wondering if it is possible to engage the sub in 2 channel stereo mode?

By the way 2 channel with my EAD is amazing...I used to run a classe 2 channel pre-amp piggybacking a home theater processor...no longer a need with the EAD.

Eric, are you describing the 2 channel audio through the A/D-D/A path, or through the analog bypass path?
You can use the RCA outputs for the front channel for the sub if you are using the balanced outs to your main amp. This way, the sub will work with the analog pass-thru.