EAD PowerMaster Comparison

I have an EAD PowerMaster 1000 amp, an EAD TheaterMaster 8800 prepro, modded Sony NS999ES SACD/DVD and Piega P10 speakers. My amp has more then enough power for my modest size room. Would I hear a sonic benefit with an upgrade to an EAD PowerMaster 2000? Thanks in advance for your opinions,

Can't really answer your question, but I have recently put an EAD Ultradisc 2000 in my reference system and man does that thing sing. If this is the quality level throughout the EAD line, then all I can say is that there are some 'serious bargains' out there in the world of used EAD pieces.
I have a PM 1000 which has been tucked away for about 6 months. I'm using a Primare 125 watt 2 channel for my fronts and a Acurus 200X3 for my center and rears.

While I liked the PM 1000, it's is not a dynamic amp. I think the Primare sounds better.

I sold an Aragon 3 ch amp 200x3 to buy the pm 1000, this was a mistake.

I heard the pm 2000 many years ago and thought it was great
I did not want to spend the cash back then. I think the Pm
2000 is in a different league than the pm 1000. It is
also huge.

I would get the PM2000 in a heartbeat If I were you.

I have an Ovation Plus which has been sent back to Noble for all the latest upgrades. I've had this processor for 8 years. I'll keep this processor until it dies.