EAD Powermaster 8300

Just curious if there are any 8300 users and if so what are your thoughts?

I picked one up to drive my Aerial theater - based on the reviews I've seen on-line. Quite a leap of faith no doubt.

Thx for any input you can provide.

This is probably a dead thread but just in case I will add my 2 cents.

I currently have a EAD 8300 and am extremely pleased with it. I also have a EAD PM1000 and used to own the PM2000.

The PM 2000 is the best of all 3 amps but mostly in the lower bass. The 8300 sounds very similiar to the 2000 in everything but the lowest octaves. The PM 1000 is a great amp by itself but lacks the dynamics of the 8300 and 2000.

I have owned a number of amps from Proceed, Aragon, Krell, Plinius, Parasound Halo, Classe, CAL MCA2500 and a few more that I can't recall. The EAD amps are the best compromise between a Movie and Music amp of all the above mentioned amps. Some amps excite you for movies but fatigue you for music and some sooth your musical soul but make you fall asleep during action movies. The EAD amps do BOTH beautifully and the PM 2000 and 8300 are very close to being the best musical amps I have ever listened to.

I sold my PM 2000 to an Audiogoner who has a complete Aerial theater as well. He was amazed at the way his system was transformed and that was after all of my gushing.

I am sure you are very happy and if not than let me know what you got that sounds better.