EAD Powermaster 2000,Theta 1,Earthquake Cinenova 5

Can anyone help me decide which 5 channel power amp to buy.

Room : 14x20x8.
Speakers : Casta Acoustic model A's across front, Axiom QS8 surrounds
Sub : SVS PB13Ultra
HiDiamond 8 speaker wire, HD9 interconnects, HD P3 & P4 power cords.
Oppo 103 strictly for video.
Dared DV-6C integrated Hybrid Tube.(35x5channel)
Emotiva UMC-200 processor running 5.1/2.1analogue
Isotek Aquarius power conditioner.
Dedicated Cryoed 20Amp 10 Gauge line to electrical panel.
S.R Teslaplex SE receptacle.

I am 60/40 movies/music and like things loud. All these amps are relatively all in the same price range used and any one of these are reachable to buy. Please let me know in detail the differences between these three beasts. Pros and Cons. Thx in advance...