EAD Powermaster-2000 or Powermaster-1000

Has anyone auditioned the EAD Powermaster-2000 (400w x 5 ch) with the Powermaster-1000 (200w x 5 ch)? Is there any difference in sound quality? Outside of shear power do they sound the same?
My HT setup could probably only use the 400w on the front speakers (speaker's spec says 300w max). Center and rears don't need more than 200 (and even that is alot for the rears). Speakers are Mirage:
front- M-3si's; center- MC-si; rear- MBS-2's; sub BPSS-210 (self powered).

Have EAD Theatermaster Ovation and will be upgrading to Signature-8. Most of my listening is 2 channel stereo. Room itself is not large (16x14 with another 4 feet behind the M-3si's), but it is only partially divided from another space behind that is twice as long (16x30) making the entire room 16x45 with 9 foot ceilings). 200 - 250 solid state watts have seemed sufficient power in the past to fill the space.

Would there be a big sacrifice in sound quality by going with the 200w Powermaster 1000 instead of the Powermaster 2000? Is it either irrelevant for the for the speakers, or undesirable due to the power capacity of the rears/center, or would I be missing out on my 2-channel listening without the extra power of the 400w model?

Any comments, information, suggestions, etc. on this would be appreciated.
I have owned both the 1000 and the 2000, both have similar sound, I have owned krell, classe, and others and imo the ead is much smoother, if you are using 8 ohms speakers the 1000 is fine, I am using aerial 8bs which are power hungry and 4 ohms so I am using the 2000, in 2 channel ead can't be beat, it is not modual like most 5 channel amps, so all power is going to the 2 channels, good luck
The so called "powersteering"is suspect and is more of advertising gimicktry than fact.Still a great amp though.
We have very similer systems ( M3si mains, Powermaster 1000, EAD Theatermaster Encore....hope to upgrade to ovation!) Anyway, I had a Spectron Musician II (400w) driving the Mirages for a while. When switching to the Powermaster 1000, it could still fill my large room (20x40) with plenty of db and it didn't sound like the bass suffered. It is tight and quick. I would assume the sound signature of the 2000 and the 1000 to be similer. So, I guess if I had money to burn, yeah, I would go for the 2000 (the M3si's like power) but, I wonder if you could really tell a difference at normal listening levels. The price break between the 2000 and the 1000 is quite steep and I would rather use the cash for other parts of my system or more software.
Good luck and let me know what you do