EAD Powermaster 2000 - good as they say?

Is the EAD powermaster 2000 as good as all the reviews say it is? Exceptional as 5 channel amp, and the equal of nearly anything at is price level for 2-channel?
Yhe EAD is a fine piece.It is ovepriced and I know of many 2 channel amps that outperform it in stereo.The construction is top notch and if it were around 4.5k new it would be much more in line.If you can get it around that price new it is well woth it.
I bought one before the big price increases and totally agree with the first response. Great build and apperance but now way overpriced and yes a $1500 Croft preamp will smoke it for two channel.
Ex that last comment- I thought You were talking about the Ovation surround- the amps are in my oppinion identical sounding in almost all aspects to the stereo Mark Levinsons so not bad for the price if you like that kind of sound which you shouldn't- Many better options that cost less out there like the Belles 350A stereo or the 3 channel version amps.
What do you mean by when you say sound like the Mark Levinsons, "so not so bad for the price if you like that kind of sound, which you shouldn't-" My understanding is alot of people like the Leveinson's at any price. What don't you like about the Levinson's? Certainly, most of the reviews rank them among the best (Stereophile, etc.). Quite clearly cheaper options exist, but whether or not they are "better" options is perhaps your opinion,. If the PM2000 can put 5 channels of Levinson sound for the less than the 2 channels of Levinson (say, model 336) that might considered be quite an accomplishment. The bonus 3 extra channels, if you also want a HT setup might make alot of sense then. The Belles is half the price of a PM2000, but no where I've seen it ranked as high as a Levinson. Probably a fine amp and good value -- but a better option?

Alos what do you have against the Theatremaster Ovation? Do you commments also apply to the Signature version? Considered by many to be worth its price for the DAC alone, then you get a really nice premap and HT/ surround processor handling 5 channels on top of that. Further I hear the new Theatremaster Signature-8, with 7.1 capabilities ,amoung others even sounds better and is even more functional. Actaully from everything I've heard and read, the EAD products are good value for money, even if the PM2000 is a bit pricey. I have an TM Ovation, and when I auditioned it versus other DAC/preamp combinations at or somewhat above its price, it really couldn't not be beat - plus it gave the HT capabilities and flexibility the DAC/pre-amp combos did not have.