EAD Powermaster 2000/EAD Ovation / Dunlavy No bass

I just swapped out my old Denon 5800 for a Powermaster 2000 and EAD Ovation Plus. The speakers I have are Dunlavy VI's. There is really no bass with the Powermaster and Ovation compared to the Denon 5800. I have reset the Ovation to it's factory settings and even tried another DAC with the CD player to see if it could be the Ovation. Same result. Very thin bass compared to the DEnon. I have to checked to see if I have reversed the speakers wires and really no change..

Any ideas out there. I figured the upgrade in equipement would make the Dunlavy's sing but it's been the opposite..
Certainly not the Powermaster's fault -It has some of the deepest bass on the planet...
The PM 2000 has gain switches on the back. Check to see if you have them set correctly.
My guess is that you may have the bass management set up incorrectly in the Ovation processsor. Check to see that you are not re-directing low frequencies away from the mains. Even if you are listening in two channel only, with no sub-woofer, this could still be an issue. As someone noted earlier this amp is capable of prodigious bass.