EAD Powermaster 1000 amp vs Aragon 8008x3

Both of thses amps are 200 watts per channel, does anyone
have experience with these and what type of cables would work best with Paradigm 100 v2 speakers. Listen to R&B and Jazz.

Although I have a hometheater set-up I am only concerned with
the 2 channel operation. I am looking to get a modwright pre
amp and bypass an EAD processor.

Any thoughts.
i owned the 8008x3. it was a very powerful and neutral sounding amp. it didn't add anything or detract anything from the signal. i haven't heard the ead so i can't comment on it's sound. i'm running all tubes now which i prefer way more than any of the solid state amps i've used.
The EAD will be warmer the Aragon is unrefined at the top end (borderline harsh in my experience), The Aragon will have the low low bass control but then again the EAD will not be a slacker it's just that is what the Aragon amp was designed for low imped. speakers and bass control.

If you listen to R&B and Jazz I would go with the EAD (I have owned the EAD Powermaster 2000 new for a number of years and sold it and I just bought another one back for my Hometheater because it was so amazing in my older 2 channel system.)

The EAD processores Ovation and up (The Encore single bit technology is not very good) work as extremely good preamps/DAC's especially if you can find an EAD Signature 5.1 with the Balanced outputs and run Balanced out with Digital input in...
Thanks, The EAD processor that I use is an Ovation Plus. I
really like it. Now back to the Amps. I was using regular
run of the mill speaker cables with the EAD. I bought speaker
cables from Signal Cable and switched back and forth and thought the Aragon sounded better, more full. It seemed the
EAD was bright with these cables.

Now that I have finally realized the foray into hometheater will end I'm looking to improve my system without
spending too much money. I will keep the HT I will just
upgrade the 2 channel around it. Maybe different speaker
cables is another avenue I need to pursue.
Speaker cables have been the biggest improvement in my system, so far. I'm currently using an Adcom GFA-555 amp. My Studio 100v2 responded very well to DH Labs Q10 biwires. I'm sure I could have found better, I just happen to stumble on them. In fact, I was able to move the speakers further out from the wall because of the improved bass response. I am now looking for analog interconnects. Still have a long way to go. Good luck!
I am going to try Analysis Plus speaker cables this week-end.
How did the speaker cables work out?
Can only use the Analysis from Saturday to Monday and have not had the time because of Busy week-ends and football. Being
from Denver and the Broncos losing the week-end in between the Super Bowl will be my demo.
Brought the Analysis Plus Oval 9's home over the week-end.
They were better than the Signal Cable in reducing the bright
top end of my Paradigm speakers They work particularly better using the EAD amp vs the Aragon. I have decided to purchase them and Keep the EAD Amp. I will still upgrade the speakers
but don't feel it must be done ASAP.