EAD PM 2000 or Theta Dread?

Current set-up: EAD sig 5.1 preamp; EAD PM 2000; Panasonic rp91 DVD. Would a would the dreadnaught be a more musical choice for a 75% music/25% movies system? BTW, def tech bp2000's mains, etc. I'd love to hear from those who have owned both amps. Thx! Dave
I currently have the Signature and the a 20amp PM2000. I too am 75% music and 25% movies. I have heard the Dreadnought with my speakers which currently both the Aerial 10T's and Magnapan 3.5R. The Dreadnought is a fine 5 channel amp and few can dispute that, but so is the PM2000! Your biggest improvement would not be in changing your amp, but in your speakers. The Def. Tech are great HT speakers, but not in the same level as your amp and processor.

I have also played with a tube preamp and it does add another level of enjoyment to music.

Just my thoughts.

agreed with Jimmy- however I have the Dreadnaught, and haven't looked back- if you are more into 2-channel, the Dread will probably be best- for HT, most likely the PM2000, but either would be OK
Dave...I agree with Jimmy. Going to the Dreadnaught (although a fine amp) will not be an improvement over the EAD PM2000. The PM2000 is the most musical and dynamic multichannel amp I have heard, EXCEPT for the Simaudio Titan, which outperforms both the Theta and the PM2000, IMHO. The Simaudio Titan is the new "king" and currently THE multichannel to beat, IMHO. As Jimmy stated, the Deftech speakers are fine for HT, but NOT 2 ch music reproduction (they were never truly designed to be a "music" speaker, but for dedicated HT). Good luck...Mike
Another vote for keeping the PM2000. I haven't heard the SimAudio but I have heard TONS of 2 channel amps in the $3-4000 range that don't sound as good as the PM2000 for music.
Have not heard the Theta in my system, but own the pm 2000 and agree that it is a great amp period! 2-channel or 5-channel if you own the EAD I can't see replacing it with a Theta for more money! Rick
Wow, great forum! I'm a visitor, but very impressed. Thanks to Jimmy and all others who posted their insightful responses to this query. It would seem that the consensus would be to move out the def techs and bring in a more music-oriented main. (An idea which has been on my mind for some time frankly) The question I suppose, becomes what speakers w/ this combo then? I have always heard good things about the Aerial 10 T's, such as good bass, dynamic sound, etc. My music preferences are rather diverse, but lean towards rock, jazz then electronic music, and that type of thing, in that order I suppose. Any comments, suggestions greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thanks again! Dave
Boy Dave now you have opened the flood gates!!

You'll have suggestions up the wazzoo, but your room size and placement issue will need to be mentioned. Of course the all important $$$. Do you have a sub. I mean the Def. have a built in that problably negates the need for one in your current system. The PM2000 seemed overkill for powering the top end of the Def. 2000 you have.

Check in frequently also take some time over the weekend and look up some threads. It can get ugly.

Most of all enjoy the music. You never really get their, just enjoy the ride.
Jimmy, you are 110% correct in your observations regarding the Pm 2000 killing the top end of the def techs. Their amp section always gave ground to the burly EAD piece. I want away from the powered main concept, and onto a speaker design that will allow the amp to shine through on the low end. ALSO, I did not mean to open up a massive discussion on speaker recs in general, so let me try to redact my previously hasty query. I am really interested in the following: Aerial 10's, Von Schweikert's Vr gen 4's, and Dunlavy 4's,(although probably way too big for my room (15 x 15). Hell, I already know that if I had the dough I'd p-up some used Salons, but I am on a budget of roughly 4-5. Also, I do have a sub, but plan to retire it to another system. Bottom line, I think the EAD gear has a tendency, however so slight, to sound (with great trepidation) "laid back", and I could use a more musical, much more involving main. Its that simple. I will follow the advice given by others to demo what I can, but I want to hear these things in my system, not the local dealer's, and we all know what a PITA that is. Cabling is Nordost blue heaven pre to amp, and transparent musicwave plus to thr front end. I'd love to hear from those users with same/similar gear. Sorry for length, and thanks again. Dave