EAD Ovation + vs Krell HTS

Need info on how these 2 compare, I have not been able to audition either,I am more interested musicly as I feel that all processors sound alike in ht, I need to make a decision soon, thanks all
I have the Krell HTS hooked to Krell 650 monoblocks and Genesis 200 speakers. I listen to both music and movies equal. Compared to stand-alone preamps, the Krell is no slouch! Have not missed any of the benefits of the stand-alone preamp, and the HTS has great flexibility for a home theater. Could not be happier!
Hi i have a brand new ead ovation+ i wanted to change my systems emphasis from movies to music. I also have hales transcendant 5s as my mains and proceed hp2 and hp3 amps. I can't really say that one is better than the other i have listened to both and the EAD is simply stunning in sonic nature the preamp section is absolutly first rate sterophile AAA by the way . The krell is no second rate piece either they just have different sonic signatures i happen to prefer the EAD . Listen don't get caught up in the name game Krell makes excellent equipment i previously owned a ksa 250 amp there products are simply way overpriced for what you get back in listening pleasure.I mean lets face it the best part about being an audiophile is the hunt! reading the equipment reviews auditioning the equipment yourself then trying to explain to your wife or girlfriend why you just spent thousands of dollars on a new metal box when the one you just got rid of sounded fine to her ! Hey they are both great only you can decide EAD Ovation + you can find used on audiogon for between $3,400 - $ 4,000 or new for about 4,600 if you shop around . You can use the money you save on new dvd's and audio cd's good luck !!