EAD Ovation 8 Pre-amp HELP

My EAD Ovation 8 has a problem. Anyone that knows where to fix please provide information or Help with repair. The unit has an intermitten problem that sometimes makes a popping noise through the speakers and sometimes the screen freezes and wont allow the remote to comuunicate. This usually occurs after a few hours of operation and most of the time by turning the master on/off switch in the rear to the off position for a few seconds the unit works again for a short period of time. Please provide me with any and all information that may lead to the repair of the unit including EAD's phone # or any Technicians that may still repair these great units. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You Very Much!
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Contact Boelen Electronics at 641-469-5092. They are original members of the EAD team from back in the day.
Good Luck
Talk to Greg at Noble (was Boelen). They modded my EAD Ultradisk 2000T CD and TM 8800 Pro.They did a great job.Greg will talk you through the best mods for your Ovation. I will be sending them my EAD 6300 amp soon for their latest Amp Mod.