EAD lacks power compared to Sherbourn

I just picked up and EAD Powermaster 1000. It is replacing a sherbourn 5/1500a. The EAD has a cleaner and more musical sound but has a much lower output (volume). They are both rated 200 wpc. I'm wondering if I bought a problem. It sounds good but I'm running my prepro (Sunfire TGII) at a much higher level...is there a way do a simple check with a volt meter?
Look at the input sensitivity of the Sherbourn compared to the EAD. It is possible that the Sherbourn requires less drive to obtain rated output than the EAD does, so in effect, you've got to crank the gain up higher on the TG II in order to compensate.

As a side note, changes in tonal balance and / or a reduction in distortion can drastically alter the perceived volume of a system or component. Sean
I think you will find that amp. is a little better that just good. Don't be afraid to crank it.

Truthrider: Given a typical CD, what number do you have to turn your TG II up to in order to get "loud" listening levels? I've got a TG II and we can compare notes. Sean
What impedance and sensitivity are your speakers rated at? I would agree that having to run the TG II at -20 would equate to very low sensitivity on the part of the EAD. My modified Sunfire Signatures are pretty well roaring by the time i get to -25 with 86 dB 4 ohm speakers.

Have you tried contacting EAD or your local dealer about this? Sean
Hey Sean,
The speakers are Seas driven DIY based on the Odin Mk3- this is essentially the Tyler Linbrook. I recently purchased the EAD used from an audiogoner. I've heard that EAD is not too good with customer service. I was considering bringing it to Music Lovers in Berkeley for a check up. I does sound very good- just seems to lack the punch.
Are you running in XLR or RCA mode? The TG II works much better out of the XLR's. Sean
FWIW, the input sensitivity on the Sherbourn is 1.1v (I think) and the EAD is 2.4v (again, I think). I dont recall the impedances at all, sorry. (probably in the usual 10k to 50k range)
Wow. If the spec's that Distortion provided are accurate, that would explain the problem. You need over twice as much drive from the Pre / Pro into the EAD to even come close to achieving the same output levels with half the drive going into the Sherbourn. With an amp that insensitive, i can see a lot of people having problems driving them or experiencing a lack of dynamics. Sean
The spec on the EAD manual says .5v rms...and the impedance is 20k- is there a different #. A question that may provide benefit to others is...Is there a way to test this for diagnostics?
If the EAD actually was .5 volt input sensitivity, that would make it very sensitive to minor volume adjustments and you would have blown it or your speakers up by now driving it as hard as you are at -20 on a TG II. You really need to contact EAD and see what their thoughts are. With an input sensitivity like that, i can think of NO reason for what you are experiencing. Sean