EAD Encore, Classe SSP-25, or Acurus ACT

Please help. It would be impossible for me to audition all 3 of these units and wanted to ask if anyone has compared them all. Stereo listening is MOST important to me! My system for stereo includes Mirage M3si,Aragon 8008BB, Audioquest Crystals and ruby's.
I purchased the EAD encore about 6 months ago and am very happy. I also use the 8008BB to run my mains and have the 8008x3 for my center and rears. The sound is wonderful. I am very happy with my purchase. I have a friend who purchased a Classe unit (I think it was the SSP-50) and it will not let him use his subs to listen in Stereo. He has contacted Classe and they tell him this is the way they have set the processor up and for true stereo listening he shouldn't be using a sub. He has electrostatic speakers and needs a sub. My guess is that he will be trading it in very shortly. As far as the Act-3, it is a very good unit. I have listened to it at a local dealer and I was very impressed. I have not listened to it at home and can't really comment on what is better. The magazines seem to feel the EAD is better which is why I purchased the machine. If you have further questions you can e-mail me at [email protected]
I would go with either the EAD or Classe'. From my experience, I found the Classe' to be slightly better in 2-channel. Check out the consumer reviews in audioreview.com Good luck.
I have an ssp-25 and love it. It can be used in stereo with a sub if you select "small" for your main speakers, sending below 80hz to the sub. This is a very nice sounding unit.