EAD DVD-Master 8000

Has anybody heard this player in a good dedicated 2 channel system? If yes, please elaborate on your experience with DVD-A and CD discs. Thanks, Eric.

I have not heard a thing about either the Pro8000 TheaterMaster or the DVD master. I just found out that EAD has come out with a fully balance 10 channel Processor called the "Studio master"
"The new EAD TheaterMaster Studio preamp/processor is said to be the first implementation of Texas Instruments' DA-610 platform. It includes ten-channel output and throughput, high-bandwidth component-video input, and video up-conversion -- among many other features. It will be available in January 2003 for $10,000." from soundstage CEDIA show.

Check link for picture of it at the bottom of the page.
I would also like know if anyone has heard of owns this player. I talked with Ben from EAD today and you don't need a pre-amp. to run it. I could sell my TheatervisionP,B+K ref 30,and Tosh 9200. The DVD master8000pro lists for $5900.00. Sure would make a nice X-mass present.
See review in SGHT just came out in Nov 2002. Very positive review.

I however will stay with my EAD TM sig for now.
I was told the EAD 8000 DVD Master ($4,500) would play DVD's via by TV Set (component video connections) and also enable me to run balanced connections to my Rowland Integrated amplifier for 2 channel audio. The unit has a video off switch for audio play back only. Has anyone hear this unit in two channel mode?