EAD DSP7000 owners Need your opinions.

I've been running a Boelen modified DSP-7000 Mk.III for some time now, and have no desire to change it out. I just moved to a new preamp (Pass X1) and the combination of it and my amp are such that I really can't run the volume control past about 10 or 11 o'clock before I've hit my listening limit. I run the DSP7000 with the 6 dB "HDCD" digital attenuation switched out. I tried switching it in but wasn't sure if there wasn't some loss of low level detail. I intend to experiment some more, but do other DSP7000 owners feel this digital attenuation might have a negative effect on the sound?
bumpin it up the line...
sorry to hear about this....

you get get some evs attenutaors on the back of your pre of cd or lower the output of the dac (sorry, i know you didnt want to hear the last one...))

in regards to the HCCD....i dont know..

good luck..

DSP7000 Mk.III owners! Still waiting to hear if anyone else has tried the HDCD digital attenuator. I've tried it, but I'm not sure I hear any downside to it. Hoping that someone is familiar enough with how EAD did it to tell if it does in fact hurt the signal in any way.