EAD DSP 7000 MK3 - Balanced output setting

Just purchased an amp with balanced inputs. I am currently using a passive preamp and need to adjust the balanced output of my EAD DAC to at leat 8 Volts RMS to get adequate gain. The manual is missing the diagram of the DIP switches which should enable the user to adjust the outputs. If anybody has the diagram, please provide instruction on how to set the outputs to 8 Volts RMS.

Thank you in advance.
The factory setting is 4 volts and you have the option of increasing the output to either 8 or 12 volts RMS. To change the factory setting, power the unit down and locate the twelve-position DIP switches on the mother board. The 8 volt DIP seting is as follows. From left to right U=up D=down position. DUDDUDDUDDUD. The 12 volt DIP setting is as follows: DDUDDUUDDUDD. Happy listening.


You're the MAN!!! Thanks a lot, I thought I would never get a response.