EAD DSP 7000/9000 .... Best DACs ?????

Hello everybody,

I actually need a DAC, with XLR outputs.

I've been told by many people that the old EAD DACs were the bests, in term of musicality. Better than Spectral 9000 Pro, better then ML dacs, even better than DCS items.....
Not necessarily the more precise, the more accurate, the ones that gives the most 3-D aspect, but just the more musical.

What is you opinion about that ?

Do you agree, or do you recommand another DAC (with XLR outputs) ?

Thanxs for your help,
I've never heard them, but I would recommend a balanced Timber TT-1 dac if you can find one. It's a really great sounding dac that's no longer made. the balanced I believe retailed for around $4-5000, but they pop up used from time to time in the $5-800 range. Keep your eyes peeled and you might get lucky!
The EAD 7000/9000's are still more than competetive today IMHO.
Having listened to many DAC's over the last couple of years, including ML Dacs and the DCS pieces, the EAD's were again IMHO in the same league.
the 9000 was a classic DAC but too old from what is now available!

Thanxs guys for your help, but I might confess your advices disturb me a few :

..........still more than competitive......

..........too old from what is now available.......

Where is the truth ?????

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Just kidding, I couldn't resist. It took me
many years to realize that there is no "truth" with a capital T --
especially in this hobby. Really, there is a very long continuum between better
and worse, and then you have to figure all of your own preferences and
biases into that continuum.

I think the 7000/9000 would still be very competitive given the used prices
that are listed for. For example, I see used 7000 MK III's for sale often for
between $500-$700. I don't think you can buy anything new for that price
that would sound quite as good. Now if you double that price range you may
be able to find better today. Also, if you are willing to go the mod route: I
have heard The Upgrade Company can do great things with EAD DAC's -- so
for a total of about $600 for a used 7000 III and about 1K in mods, you will
have someting really special that is probably better than most anything you
can get for the equivalent new price.

It depends on your budget, and your comfort level with new vs. used/modded
equipment. You have to take your comfort level into serious consideration. I
am an admirer of EAD and owned the DSP 1000 III for many years.
If you can update it through the mod company you would be onto a real winner here. I remember the 9000 having teflon circuit boards, and I really enjoyed my 7000. After all a DAC is mainly computer technology driven in its processing power.
Apologies if you got turned off by'too old for this age". It all depends on your budget and mod capability!
muse 24/96 or electrocompinent
Hi steve,
I am a big fan of EAD dac and cd player.IMHO the EAD is an incredible value dac,but if you can get your hand on the old sonic frontiers tube dac.Grab it as fast as you can..I did and i gave up my ead for the sonic and been very very happy..
The EAD 9000 (modified by Boelen) is by far the best DAC period!! If fact, I will challenge anyone living in the Los Angeles area to come to my house and put up or shut up!! I've heard the Sonic Frontier DACs and everything else. If you prefer a colored DAC to hide the flaws in your system, than go with a tube DAC. If you have a great system that can keep up, than you owe yourself a 9000 so when you read some of the comments above, you will quickly know where I’m coming from! In fact, I own two 9000s (one unbalanced and the other balanced) they are that good!!