EAD Bass Management

I am considering buying an EAD 8800Pro but would like to know if the bass management can be employed when using the analogue pass through facility.

Could anyone help? If not, what else should I consider?


I'm fairly certain that the Pass-Thru connections are just that - pure pass through of whatever analog signals the source outputs. There is no processing or A-to-D/D-to-A conversion that could give you bass management through this connection.

If you NEED Bass Management for a 2-channel source, use a set of the standard (non-pass-thru) TheaterMaster inputs, either to accept the analog signal via RCA cables and convert it to digital for processing within the TM, or via a digital cable connection from your source to use the DAC's in the TheaterMaster. The first way would be an A-to-D conversion, processing for BM, then D-to-A for output, while the second would keep things in the digital world all the way from the source to the output DAC's in the TM.

These are VERY good 24/192 DAC's, and may actually sound better then your source's DAC's because the TM has extensive BM, distance and crossover adjustability that can 'steer' the sound between speakers & sub very efficiently and manage bass quite well.

There are 2 other alternatives that you may want to consider:

1> Use a sub like a REL (I have a Stadium III), which connects to the LFE of your pre/pro for HT effects *AND* to the speaker-level outputs of your amp simultaneously. That way, you don't NEED any Bass Mgt processing when playing a standard CD or album via pure analog 2-channel pass-thru. That assumes you intend to send a full-range signal to your main speakers, of course.

2> Use an out-board Bass Mgt device like the Outlaw Audio ICBM. This unit has an excellent reputation and doesn't cost too much.

For reference, I have a TM8000Pro now, and have been very pleased with it so far. I feel EAD makes Excellent pre/pro's - enough so that I am in the midst of upgrading to an 8800Pro to take advantage of the all-balanced connections that my amp has (a Sim Audio Titan), Dolby ProLogic II and component video switching.

I use an EAD DVDMaster 8000Pro with the analog pass-thru connection, and have found this input to be SURPRISINGLY transparent if the source can give you all the setup flexibility that you need. The DVDMaster has all the processing that I want, and have found it to 'fit' my needs really well. The REL sub fits into this mix synergistically, too.

I hope that helps, but remember that YMMV....
Bhouser is correct. and right on target!!!! I have a TM8800pro which is among the finest processors available in terms of sonics. I am glad that they do not put the analog pass through through any bass management, because it might impact on its ultra transparency.

I use an Outlaw ICBM to manage bass for my SACD player which is a Modwrights modified DV47a.

And I have 2 Vandersteen 2wq subs for 2 channel that (like the Rel mentioned above) connect to the speaker level outputs of the amp. I like this better for the fronts anyway...because this leads to great blending between the subs and the mains.

I then have a Velodyne sub for LFE coming out of the processor.

I'm listening at the moment to an SACD of Midori playing the Mendelsohn violin concerto. Spectacular recording because the surrounds are utilized for ambience alone....and the center is not overutilized. So much of multichannel depends on the mix....but i'm moving off topic here.

If any questions don't hesitate to contact me at harry@brandtmd.com
I too am a BIG EAD/Alpha digital fan, I have been up the food chain from Encore to Signature to Pro 8000 and now Pro 8800 and the answeres are correct the pass thru is indeed that, how ever a little bird told me there are some new software versions on the way I doubt that the pass thru will be affected but it may facilitate the bass management you might want to call Steve at EAD and ask. I just installed the new e-prom and it was a snap so my auto-setup went smooth as silk. Don't hesitate going with Ead, great gear and even better customer support. Good luck and good listening!

I heard the same, probably from the same little birdie. But it won't affect the pass thru.

Disclaimer/note: I'm an EAD & REL dealer. (and glad to be one!)

The bass management is not in effect when you go through the analog pass through. The ideal being to have the closest thing to a straight wire going through the processor.

If your source is digital and especially if you need bass management it is a pretty good option to use the very high quality DAC's in the EAD, use the EAD's bass management, and hang a nice REL subwoofer off of the main speakers using the REL high level input. REL's allow you to attach at either the line level output of the preamp (the same output going to the amplifier), or at the high level between the amplifier and the speakers. I experimented with the EAD, REL's and my surround sound setups. I found the best performance came from using the REL off of the main speakers then using the EAD to auto-program the bass response for my room.

When you set up the 8800 you use a supplied microphone and let the processor produce a series of tones which 'program' the processor to produce the best sound in a given room.

A last option that is a great way to go is to just buy an EAD DVDMaster and use it's multi-channel variable output straight into an amplifier.
Hello Rangers-

Well, let me complicate your last statement about running the DVDMaster direct into an amp. I can't, because my Sim Titan amp doesn't like having BOTH the RCA and balanced inputs occupied for a given input at the same time (preamp and the DVD player). Some amps have this limitation, some do not.

My DVDMaster analog outputs feed the TheaterMaster center, sub & surround signals (via the pass-thru input) and a 2-channel tube preamp for the L/R mains directly.

This allows the TheaterMaster to be completely out of the circuit when I play 2-channel CD's. The tube pre also has a HomeTheater Bypass circuit that I use with the TM for my digital sources (DSS & DVD Video), so I get the benefits of the tube preamp all the time.

The TheaterMaster and tube preamp then feed the inputs of my Sim Titan amp and REL sub. This works with 2 preamps (the TM and tube) simultaneously for multi-channel use because the player's internal Bass Mgt and variable analog vol control coordinate the output of all channels once a measured common volume level is fixed on both pre's.

Finally, the TheaterMaster has much more flexible sub crossover, bass rolloff & redirect settings then the DVDMaster (100Hz fixed), so pass-thru may not be best for everyone's situation.
It's great to see an EAD tread. I have a Theatermaster 8800 on order and hope to have it up and running this week. So far it looks like the wife can even use the remote.

Flemke: i think you'll love your Theatermaster 8800pro. The operation IS quite a bit simpler than earlier EAD processors which has mostly advantages and a few minor disadvantages. I've spent lots of time figuring out some of the nuances of the 8800pro. If I can help as you get started setting yours up, simply contact me at harry@brandtmd.com.