ead 8800pro sub question

When using my Ead8800p in 5.1 movie surround mode I get reinforcement from my subwoofer. When listening to two channel I can not get the sub to work at all.

Im using Revel Studios set to large range
I have a sub xover point set at 60hz (via bassman)

Is there a way to activate 2.1, mains plus sub decoding?

thanks in adv.
I only had this unit for a short while. I dont recall anything on the audio setup menus that allowed for a 2.1 setup. If memory serves me it was 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 only.

Are you selecting "AD" for two channel? If so, I bet it puts out exactly what it gets, two channels and no sub.

I do have a manual for this unit and I will consult it and get back later today. Sorry I couldnt be of more immediate assistance.
I read the manual and couldnt fin anything in there.
My dealer told me if you go into stereomode and select a sub it would enable it, but as far as I can tell there is only one sub setting which applies through all 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 modes. With my old equipment you could have sub activated per input regardless of whther it was 2 or 6 channel.
maybe they fixed this in a leter software rev, Im still running 2.4, awaiting 3.0 whoch is on its way to me.

Still, great sounding unit regardless.
set the front speakers to small and the sub will work fine. When you set front speakers to large sub will turn off automatic. Good luck
Does anything else change apart from the sub being activated when I set front speakers to small? They are revel studios which are hardly small range speakers?

Should I leave them set to small for all modes (music and movies) or can I set them to large for moviews and small for music?

sorry to complicate matters - just seems odd having large speakers and setting them to small.
You can set to small for Mucsic and large for Movies. I known sound strange but that is the only way to work with this preamp. I have Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III HSE and have to set it the same way. I did call EAD and talk to Steve, he told me that is the only way. Sorry that's all I known. Good luck

Please dont apologise for not knowing something you obviosuly know! Thank you, you know more than my dealer!

I'll give it a go when the v3 ROM arrives.

Have you found any tweaks that the 8800p responds well too? Isolation, power cables etc? Im using one of Chris Venhaus' Flavour 4 cables which are big awkward buggers to get in place but they do sound great, and they arent that expensive either.