EAD 8800 Silver or Black? Balanced vs. non

I am interested in a EAD 880o processor and possibly amp. Having not seen them in person I was wondering about others thoughts about the silver vs black. My initial thought is to go with the black so it goes with more stuff.
Also I understand the Pro Vs. standard difference is only the all balanced outputs. While I was thinking of going Pro I think the single ended version (non pro might be more flexible. Any thoughts on these issues would be greatly appreciated.
I had both the silver and the black EAD Signatures matched with the PM2000. If the components are in direct view of the screen the Silver can distract slightly day or night, but they are quite nice to look at. I prefer the Silver in my case. It's a matter of preference.

As far as the difference between the Pro version it's the hand selected internal components. I do not know about balance or non for the 8800 version. If you can afford it the Pro version is better. Also when you have this kind of money tied up in a HT system Balance may be preferred later down the road. Call Alpha digital and speak with Steve.

The newer version 8800 does not use the Tara labs Octapus cabling system the 8000 and 8000 pro used. This is much better in my view.

If your going to cough up the expense to move to EAD make sure you call them for more details. They make a great product.
I am a dealer, so bear with me. But these are the best sounding processors you can buy. The main difference between the 8800 and 8800pro is the balanced outputs, as well as the upgraded circuit board. The pro has an Arlon25N circuit board and premium passive components yielding the finest purity signal with virtually no “dielectric signature.” In addition, premium passive components such as precision 0.1% NiCr resistors are implemented in the build which are not in the 8800.

The silver is stunning, if you have no local EAD dealer, drop me a line.