EAD 8800 PRO VS Lexicon MC12B

I'm torn between these two processors. I will be purchasing one between now and (I guess) the next few days.
Problem is, I haven't demoed any of these and I'm just basing my decision on reviews and what people have to say here. The unit will be used mainly for music and probably HT in the future. Which of these units should I consider? Price wise, the MC12b is going to cost me about $1k - $1,200.00 more.

Thanks for all your input

Hey Gary,

You might want to add a Meridian G series processor to the list because I am certain you would want the best your money could buy as an option. correct?

The Lexicon is not a good value $3000 processor in a $4000 box, I have had people in blind listening test pick the B&K Reference 50 over the Lexicon MC12. Need I say more?

The EAD looks good and well I'll stop there.

Look since the demise of TAG MCLaren nobody is close to Meridian. And since you have never heard any of these processor why not buy the best one by far. I have setup just about every surround processor going and nothing can match the Meridian for adapting to different environments, synchronizing the speakers system to work as one speaker not 7.1 speakers. Which is the point of surround.

If you think 2 channel is good wait till you have trifield, makes 2 channel obsolete and quite laughable IMO.

Just my expert advice for someone who is buying blind.

Not a Meridian dealer
Generally speaking, the EAD has always proven to be a better option for 2-channel sound quality. Lexicon is heavily slanted towards HT/multi-channel steering, and tends to leave 2-channel as its least important function.

The 2-channel pass-thru circuitry on the EAD is very transparent and dynamic. It certainly won't give you the mid-range magic of a tube preamp, but it is a reasonable alternative to a good solid-state preamp if you must use only one device in your situation.

In the price range you are talking about, I would get room corerection if you go with Lexicon or Meridian. This comment is based on what I have read rather than first hand listening experience. But what I read convinced me to buy the v4 upgrade (room correction) kit for my MC-12, just haven't installed it yet.

As for which one to pick, I recommend listening to Logic 7 (MC-12) in a well set up 7.1 system before making any final decisions. This recommendation is from personal listening experience.

Don't forget to add the Krell HTS 7.1 to your audition. I sold the Lexicon MC-8 and bought the Krell and couldn't be any happier.
Get the EAD 8800. You will love it.
Get the EAD, Meridian or Theta. These are the best sounding in my opinion.