EAD 8800 bass management

I thought I understood but now Im not sure :-(

Processor EAD 8800p
Front speaker amp: Pass X350 (350w * 2)
rear anc centre amp: Pass x5 (125w * 5)
Front speakers Revel Studios (approx -3db @ 31hz)
Centre speakers Revel Voice (approx -3db @ 58hz)
Rear speakers Revel M20 (-3db @ 60ish)
Subwoofer 2 Revel b15's (1400w amp, 15" driver) connected via LFE connections

I'm not sure how to configure my processor for optimal speaker usage.

The 8800 offers me

All speakers large
All speakers small
Front L/R large, cetre & rears small

I also have a sub x-over frequency which can be adjusted to

off, 60, 70, 80......120

Can you advise what "small" means? Does this default to roll off those speakers at 80hz?

If I set all my speakers to "small", will this loose performance from the revel studios which can go to -3db @ 30Hz

If I set them all to large - will that over power the centre and rears?

It would seem to make sense to have different x-over values for centre and L/R to allow the subs to pickup anything less than 60hz for the centre and 30 for the studios.

How would you guys go about setting this system up?

thanks for any help



I agree

L/R Large with Center/Rears Small. I would set the Xover as low as possible and move up if needed.

Thats a nice system! BTW.