EAD 8300 with Power DNA Upgrade

Noble Electronics in Iowa, sells a DNA (Dissipative Noise Reduction) upgrade for power amps. Anyone with experience with this LPF (low pass filter). Checkout the site: boelenelectronics.com
Yes I had them do my EAD ovation/ signature the full blown mod including the LPF not on the amplifier though they did a good job I also bought the Digital Precise cable from agon member too that they make an excellent cable.
I had the DNA done on my Ovation+ as part of a total upgrade. While I can't be sure what part the DNA plays in the overall improvement, I can say it is quieter (to my ears) compared to the original. What I can also say is that Greg Palma is an engineer, not a "modder". He has the empirical data to back up what the DNA is supposed to do.
BTW, I don't really mean to denigrate the modding gang. Many of them really do very nice work. That was maybe a not very good way of saying that Greg works from a classic engineering perspective first, and backs up his empirically driven designs with listening.