EAD 8000 & 8800

How goog are these pre/pro when functioning as a stereo pre-amp? Would they be better than Hovland HP100 or Pass LabX1?

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Heard 8000pro/8800pro/X1 in same system, I would say 8000pro is the best sound in 2 ch and HT, 8800pro is good for 2 ch, but a little bright for movie, X1 is thin sounding and less details.
I have a Pass X1 and an EAD 8000. For 2 channel music, the X1 is much better than the 8000. The 8000 is a little bright and not as refined as the X1. The 8000 is pretty good for HT. I also had the EAD Signature and its 2 channel performance is better than the 8000 but the 8000 is better in HT. The X1 is still better than the Signature.

I have not heard the 8800 so I can't comment on it.
The EAD pro/pre are better than most of the units in the market in 2 channels but it can't match a true high end 2 channel preamp. If you want a good compromise between 2channel and HT, I think an EAD pro/pre is a good choice.
Both are near the top of the heap, but, I preferred the Bryston SP1.7 in a head-to-head shootout for 2-channel. Though, that was just my preference, yours may vary.

Those two preamps you mentioned are outstanding. I have never had them in home for a demo. Nonethless, I cant see how any Processor could top them for 2 channel.
Thanks guys. I have had a 4BSST with the 805s. This combo needed warm pre-amp & wires to tame a bright treble. Is tonal balance of the bryston pre-amp/pro similar to the amps?

I would probably get the EAD processor & set up a 4.1 HT with S805 in front & N805 in the back. I guess I would decide on keeping the X1 after an A/B with EAD pre/pro.
Is there a cheap amp that I can use for the rear? I am a mostly two channel guy but feels the DTS & AC3 effects are worthwhile for movies.
(X150 amp now)