EAC question

Hi everyone. I'm back ripping CDs to FLAC after more than 13 yrs since my CD library has gotten bigger. I feel like I've forgotten how to do this. Right now I have it all set up but upon inserting a CD I do not see the track name nor the artist. It does show all the tracks but no metadata. Anyone with any idea as to what I didn't check or missed is greatly appreciated.
What program are you using to do the rips?  And are you using a Windows or a Mac or something else?
Oops—does EAC stand for Exact Audio Copy?  I use dbpoweramp so I didn’t catch that at first?
what happens if you try to rip using iTunes?  Does the meta data show up there?

 You have to set EAC to freedb in settings. I think you also have to enter an email address. I have always put a fake email address.

  Another nice free tool is Cuetools. It does so many useful things like converting file types. It can also check your old rips against the Accurip database to make sure they are bit perfect.

Hi. I'm using EAC, FLAC and Accuraterips. Setting up EAC could be a challenge. Basically when I put a CD in the tray it shows the tracks and the length of the song but no song title or artist name. I think i'm getting closer though. I'm going to try Freedb to see what that does. 
Im ready to start ripping now but want to check the "action" to select.
Is it Test and copy uncompressed or Test and copy image and create cue sheet uncompressed or compressed? 

 I always do test and copy. I also always create both a log and cue files. It really does not matter if you compress while you rip or later. I usually just rip to Flac. I think you need to add the Flac add on to EAC to do this but I might be wrong. It has been a while since I set mine up.

 Cuetools can also add the metadata and convert the files to Flac. 

Not sure why people here aren't reading the abundant online instructions on how to setup and use EAC that explain every aspect of the program.
You have no idea how many searches and articles I've been through. My last question was about getting a feeling as to what other users are choosing since the options with EAC are so many. If you don't have anything positive to add you should't be saying anything at all. 
What I said is true whether you like it or not. Another poster gave your answer above. Every other question you've raised is answered online. If it’s too much of a challenge there are simpler, dumbed-down apps you could try.
I did my research, you don't know what you're talking about.  You do not own this forum so if you don't like a post, move on to the next one. Grow up Mr know it all.