Trying to identify a tube. Its only markings is E188cc in white label which ressemble Siemens.No branding, nothing else on the picture but grey pins instead of gold pins which is almost universal in this type. Supposedly used in the Navy (but which one). Anybody has a knowledge of this ? Could not identify from Tubemonger or Brent Jesse.
Could be a rebranded 6dj8. I think I remember reading that if it doesn't have gold pins it is not a E188CC. Whats the getter like, any ridges on top of the glass?
Go to www.tubeworld.com
They have really good pictures usually.
Thanks for Tube world. In deed, but could not find grey pins in 7308 nor e188CC. But......after my intial post, did some research and found a comment on same tube saying they are Amperex from the 60's made for military.
Follow up. Found some posts in previous posts last april. Yes they do have ridges on top so that should point them toward Amperex or Philips. But that doesn't explain grey pins if they are Amperex.

A gentleman said they would be Sylvania because they were the only ones making grey pins in 7308. But then, why would they be marked the europeean code E188CC. Those tubes have been supposedly picked from Polaris submarines.
Siemans/RCA made in W. Germany had steel pons and so did Valvo.
Siemans/RCA made in W. Germany had steel pons and so did Valvo.

- Wrong. There are no Western European made E88CC or E188CC tubes with steel pins. If you have seen one, you are probably confusing it with some rebranded US or E. Euro (Tesla, Tungsram, Russian etc) or fakes with bogus labels. Only ECC88/6DJ8 tubes from Siemens, Mullard etc had steel pins.
With one exception of CV4109/E188CC flying alloy leads made by Mullard. These tubes are wire ended and do not have pins per se.
right you are, I misread the E88CC as ECC88 as you noted.
I've got the tube delivered. 6 of them with the same codes on them.


7 4 E

On another thread, someone said they were Philips made in Hitachi, Japan. Had them in my Premier 16 CJ pre for maybe 20 hrs now. Probably not broken it yet, but they have less gain than my Amperex 6922 Green label. Less vibrant in the upper mids, with deeper and less focused bass. I would let them in for a while but just received Siemens 7308 which I'm dying to try.
Take a look at the Phillips codes here:

Those tubes are Ecc88 AKA 6dj8, not 7308 AKA E188cc.
You are right Casouza, they're not 7308. Forgot tomention it !