E-bay and its sellers

Well I bought some items from a seller on ebay two days ago, today I saw another item on the same ebay web-site....So I made a offer and got a responce from the seller , he told me to "FO" which I though was a little rude, so I told him that I didn't care for that answer , and I had already purchased two other items from him........I told him I really didn't like doing business with sellers like him , so he cancelled all my purchasses and told e-bay that I cancelled them, which is totally untrue......So be careful with some of the sellers on e-bay, because they are getting like Amazon sellers, a little touchy and a lot rude...............That's my e-bay stoty for today            


ebay started to protect sellers,even are removing negative feedbacks left by buyers

This is understandable,they get money from them.For this reason went off ebay

also noticed there is less audio equipment listed than some years ago.

Experienced sellers and buyers leaving ebay,taxes too high,advertised policies "money back garantuee" does not work anymore.There are other sites where the same audio equipment cost less

Yet another OP trying to fight global hunger, promote world peace, and further humanity...

My gosh man, get a grip.

Have you guys ever seen the Monty Python skit, "Arguments"?

The OP seems to be just that.

Carpathian:   Do you homework, Audio Associates , Arlington, Va, Myer Emco, Washington DC, American Amplifier, Washington, DC, Tele-Har-Electronics, Washington, DC, Colonial Radio, Arlington, Va.....Maybe you just quit and are intertaining on another forum......Who could be that lucky ??