E-bay and its sellers

Well I bought some items from a seller on ebay two days ago, today I saw another item on the same ebay web-site....So I made a offer and got a responce from the seller , he told me to "FO" which I though was a little rude, so I told him that I didn't care for that answer , and I had already purchased two other items from him........I told him I really didn't like doing business with sellers like him , so he cancelled all my purchasses and told e-bay that I cancelled them, which is totally untrue......So be careful with some of the sellers on e-bay, because they are getting like Amazon sellers, a little touchy and a lot rude...............That's my e-bay stoty for today            


@autospec ,

All people are asking you is to give a little more information on your interaction with the seller so as to better understand why he said what he said. But instead you go off on how you are this major player on EBay, and then insult those who are not.

Obviously the guy had a reason for responding the way he did. Whether he's simply a jerk or it was warranted. Why are you keeping that reason to yourself?

Based on the information available:

The OP is a business and his goal on eBay is to buy low so that he can sell to someone else high (potentially adding no value in the process).

He makes an insulting offer (based on an end user expected resale price). The person receiving the bid looks at the profile and their transaction history, sees they are a business, knows the offer is low ball with the goal to resale higher, and expletively calls them out. They likely see little loss in doing this since the OP is not their target customer and is unlikely to be one again.

If you are buying $5000/week, you know what a realistic end user price is and likely offered less, perhaps far less than that. You know it. Likely that seller knew it too.

It's not possible for any here except the OP to know the details of this transaction, however, I have been on eBay for a LONG time and have had 577 transactions, all as a buyer. Over the years, I have had only a handful of transactions that went wonky....until recently.

I saw a small pair of Polk speakers in a 'No Reserve' deal for $74.99 with free shipping so I went for it. I ended up being the only bidder, so I won. About an hour later, I got a notice that the deal was cancelled. When I looked at the reason for cancellation, it said "Buyer Cancelled".

I then sent a message to the seller explaining that I hadn't cancelled but, unsurprisingly received no response. Since the deal initially went through, I was able to leave feedback in which I gave the seller a negative and explained my reason. The next day, my feedback had disappeared along with any record of the transaction.

I then looked at the seller's 'Items for Sale' and there were the speakers with a starting price of $79.99 and a shipping cost of over $40. OK, I get it; he goofed and forgot to charge shipping.

I did a search on this and there are a whole bunch of buyers who are complaining about being falsely accused of cancelling an order. Ultimately, I didn't lose anything on the transaction, but it seems like a pretty tacky thing to do on the seller's part. Incidentally, the purchase price was not reimbursed for almost a week.  

It's not possible for any here except the OP to know the details of this transaction

Yes, and he's not giving any, so people are free to speculate until he does.


Sorry if you took that personally. You're also free to speculate all you want on what I did wrong in my transaction.