E.A.T. KT88's ???

Looking for any information about the "EAT KT88 " tube. The only thing I've heard is that they are supposed to be designed like the orginal English valve.
I would like to replace the tubes in my McIntosh MA2275.
Many KT-88 tubes are designed like the original MO Valves--the original Chinese Gold Dragon KT-88s were supposedly exact replicas. Haven't heard anything yet that sounds as good as the real thing or is as durable, though, even though the new tubes seem to spec out better. It's not just the design, it's also the materials, and I think that's where a lot of the modern tubes seem to fall short compared with the originals.
Yes, indeed, the materials AND the execution...the care and skill used in the assembly.

'Vacuum Tube Valley' tested 6550s/KT88s/90s in issue 19 and indicated the Ei KT90 the Best Value of the group. (The original Tung-Sol 6550 was voted the Best 6550 and the Genalex KT88 the Best KT88.) The KT90 'was liked by all the reviewers and many considered sonic characteristecs on par with the Tung-Sol 6550.' The '90s are only $70 per bias-matched pair at the Tube Depot, http://store.tubedepot.com/6550kt88.html . I sure like mine in a c-j Premier Eleven-A, as did the previous owner.
I am using two pairs of EAT KT88 tubes in my McIntosh MC275 mkIV amp. Excellent tubes, slightly physically bigger compared with other KT88-s. Very, very expensive, especially Diamond series but worth the money. Not dissipating to much heat. Each one is individually tested. More info you can find on www.euroaudioteam.com