E.A.R. 834P

i know this phono pre has been around for a while, looking for tweeks, tube improvements, or any other things that can be done for this fine piece of gear, i am trying to chose between a ps gcph and the 834p, both are stock no mods, the 834 has telefunken tubes
what i think he meant was get 100 hrs on it and from then on take note of the difference in sound, also he sent some of his recommended tubes jj electronic ec83s, before i try them i have my telefunkens in for breakin, i have to admit that i really like what the tubed 834 sounds like in my system, after only about 10 hrs,
I'm a skeptic at heart, but hearing is believing. I borrowed a friend's shakti stone and it took my EAR834p to a new level. I find it hard to believe, but true. Jeff
I found using a black diamond racing cone and 2 zorbathane pucks on top helped alot. I also use Mapel Shade brass footers underneath
for isolation mitchs recommdation is vibrapods which i had and was not using, so i put 3s with the cones and bigger bearings and thay made for a sweet improvement, i have some pieces of granite on top for some added weight, i am using a ps audio extream plus a/c cord, and now that i am putting the hours on the moded 834, i am playing all of my favorite lps and loving it, when i have a sit down i play lps, when not thats when the cds get played, to me there is no doubt lp play back is the best musical front end,
I'd bet some quality tube dampeners would give you a kick in the detail department. You're gonna love it even more after a couple hundred hours.