Dyns C4 owners: Question for you ?

Hi guys,

a friend recently bought a pair of Dynaudio C4s. I congratulated him!The dealer will be delivering the speaker within two weeks. He is now having anxiety whether this speaker is ok with his room. He is afraid, that speakers might be too big for his listening place.
Anyhow, his room is about 19 feet long x 14 feet wide x 8 ft ceiling.

How about C4 owners here, how big is your room ? What would be the minimum watts of amp you can use with this speaker?

Are they also difficult or tricky to place ?

What is a good distance between each speaker ? distance from rear walls ?

thanks for inputs. Will relay them all to my friend Nic.


My room is 21' x 15' with ceiling height varying from 6 to 7 feet. The speakers need to have room to breath and need to be pulled out approx. 4' off the front wall. I use a Plinius SA-102 amp to good effect (125wpc @ 8 ohms in class A). I highly recommend he treats the room to absorb some of the bass and reflections. I spent approx. $700 on some GIK 244 panels and it helped a lot.
My room: 15 x 18 x 9 sloping up to 18

C4s sounded just fine, but I do have a larger volume than typical for this size room because of the sloping ceiling. My speakers were about 3 feet from the front wall and about 3 feet from the side walls.

I now have Dynaudio Temptations and they also do not overpower the room.

I used (and still use) McIntosh MC501 monoblocks.
I have the same size room...19x15 with 9 foot ceilings...In my setup I needed room treatments,installed panels and it made a tremendous difference.The bass was overwelming without the treatments so I think it will be a must...I found the C4s were very easy to place which I was surprised ....4 feet from front walls and a little over 3 feet from side walls...I suggest 400 watts+ from solid state or 100+ with some highend tubes...I agree,the Mac 402 or 501s are a very good match
Thanks for the reply. Can the 100watter lamm 1.2s drive these speakers ?
Noli, I had these speakers and used Mark Levinson 333, McIntosh 6600 MA and then a Gryphon Antileon. The C4's are definately power hungry in the lower frequencies. The more 'quality' power the better. I had mine in a smaller room and enjoyed the extra bass. I had them about 4 feet of the back walls. It took more time to get the positioning right against the side walls and then the towing inwards. They are great speakers. If the bass is too much then as Missioncoonery said use room treatment or use the bass plugs in the rear ports. And yes the Gryphon was easly the best match for them.
R_paton, i know what you mean, years back, i had the Dyns 1.1s and yes, the more power you feed them, the better they sound. More effortless.
How about cabling, what cables are you guys using with this speaker ?
My friend is currently running xlo speaker cables. So far it seems to sound pretty good.
I used Transparent Reference XL and got some magical sound staging that was so 3 dimensional. I then used MIT Oracle 2.1 and they had a wider soundstage (not as much depth) but they were new so needed a longer burn in. The MIT cables sounded 'cleaner' than the Transparent but both were very good. I think Dynaudio recommend 'Chord' cables....
Hello RPaton,

Do you by chance have a picture of your set-up ?

if not a bother, pls send to nolitan777@yahoo.com

Tks a lot.

not a problem, check your email.