Dynaxox Dyna Station CD player

Any opinions on this player powered with EL-34 tubes?
I may order one from Darren at Avatar and roll a pair of Gold Lion KT77's. I was fortunate enough to audition the 3se against my MBL nobel dac and transport, was suprised how rich this player sounded. Its not just warm but has amazing resolution and detail, I hope the 2 is as good. Yes it got hit with an ugly stick and limited functions, but I think it would make an excellent 2nd player in my rig for reference listening.
I am also concidering to order the Dynastation player without selling the Cary 308T. There is some difference between Dynastation and Dynastation 2 - the latter one is furnished with some ancient tubes other than EL-34. The price I would have to0 pay through a local dealer would be Euro 3,000 and 5,000, respectively (incl. the dealer's margin). I believe the Dynastation should be superior to Cary, but I should have to listen to it first.
I own the Dynastaion 2, flat out the best player I have ever listened to. I have owned or audtitioned in home; Sony SCD-1, Wadia 7 with various dacs, Wadia 581, MBL 1521 player, ML 31.5 with Super Bidat and too many more for me to go through. It is a PHENOMENAL player and leaves the other megabuck players sucking wind...except for the $60K DCS Scarletti.