Dynavector XX2Mkii with SME 309?

According to the online cartridge database calculations, this combo would result in a resonance frequency of about 12-13Hz based on a cartridge weight of 8.9g and a compliance of 10x10-6cm/Dyne with a tonearm effective mass of 9.5g. Is this too high? The 309 is a very polular and seemingly versatile tonearm, and the XX-2Mkii has seemingly moderate specs for a modern moving coil cartridge, so I am tempted to think they will work well together, despite the theoretical marginal acceptability of resonance frequency. What do you think of this combo? Thanks.
Outstanding regardless of what the specs said...

The specs are only guidelines.

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Thanks for your responses. That is what I thought but needed a little reassurance. I already have the cartridge and will be carrying it over to a new SOTA Nova turntable. I was trying to decide on a new tonearm, and my mind is now made up!